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5 Phase Credit Improvement Program

Credit Xperts focuses on 5 factors that determine and calculate a clients credit score. During the process we pay attention to these factors when it comes to performing our step by step program. 35% of a clients credit is Payment History, 30% Debt Owed, 15% length of credit history, 10% new credit accounts reporting, 10% types of credit used. 


We offer a free credit consultation whether you decide to use our services, have questions regarding your credit and need answers, or simply decide to do this on your own. We are with you every step of the way.... 

Phase 1:

Free Credit Report Consultation Review

 The first Phase is to receive a FREE CREDIT EVALUATION. You can obtain your reports from all 3 credit bureaus FREE from (This does not include your credit scores). If you would like your scores included there are several different places we recommend ordering your reports from. We recommend If you are unable to obtain your reports please contact us and we can assist you in obtaining them for us to review your file to see if your a good candidate for our services. Once you obtain your reports please email them to or you can fax to (888) 259-7125. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to review your reports and email you a full personal credit analysis of your credit file, where you stand, what is affecting you negatively, and answer all other questions pertaining to your credit situation and goals you want to achieve.


Credit Xperts will also determine what other services we can recommend to help during the process

  • Inquiry Removal

  • Debt Validation

  • Debt Settlement

  • Student Loan consolidation/forebearance/deferment

  • Credit Building Services




Phase 2:

Client Initial Audit Setup


The next step and 2nd Phase to our program is to perform a full client initial audit and setup of your account. This begins by signing our Credit Repair Agreement, which you can fill out and sign online, or we can email or fax it to you upon request. In order for us to complete a full audit of your file we must have a signed agreement in order to move forward. After we receive your completed Agreement we will then start the following:


  • We will obtain, review and analyze your credit reports from Equifax, Experian & Trans Union. Upon request we can also request your report from Chex Systems.

  • We will assist with getting you in enrolled in FREE credit score monitoring

  • We will provide you with a user name and password to your very own client portal to track the process of the credit repair on your file

  • We will enter all of your inaccurate items in question and derogatory information into our system to be processed

  • We will prepare the initial dispute letters to send to all 3 credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies and Chex Systems (if applies).

  • We will then print our your initial dispure letters and mail in a stamped envelope by the same business day if letters prepared before 5pm, if not next business morning.

  • We will add you to the "Do Not Call" registry and "Opt Out" list to eliminate annoying telemarketing calls and get rid of junk mail.


Once we process and file your disputes to the credit bureaus, creditors & collection agencies on your behalf they will start mailing you correspondence, reports and updated results to your mailing address and/or email address in some cases.






Once we receive your updated reports from all 3 credit bureaus, correspondece from creditors & collection agencies, we will review and analyze your reports and update the items as deleted or corrected, and then redispute any remaining negative items using a more aggressive approach.


If we run into any delays with the bureaus not responding per law, or not following different reporting statutes, we will then process and submit disputes and complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) & The Better Business Bureau (BBB). This method will help expedite any delays with the process and insure the items are being investigated correctly and with no delays in receiving responses back.


Our services vary with time frames as every clients file is a different scenario and sometimes delays can occur when correspondence is not returned by clients, new issues appear, etc. Our program is good for 15 months but you can cancel at anytime All clients files include a post completion review to make sure they maintain a positive credit file and achieve a high score even after their file is complete to address any remaining issues or concerns that may appear after there file is completed. Most cases are completed within 6-9 months and some even within the first 90 days. Our clients can start seeing results with this phase usually within the first 30-45 days of starting their file with us. On average about 75%-90% has been removed by the end of this phase.


After we rework your file we constantly monitor your reports for any changes during the process. This may include any new derogatory items being reported, balances increasing which can cause a score decrease, new inquiries and any other issues that we feel would need your attention. If requested by you,  we will add the item in question to the account and then file a dispute including any new issues being reported.


We also notates your scores, if provided by you at anytime during the process, and/or notate your account of all score changes through out the process. We continue working on your file until we have fully investigated items in question on your file or until you are happy with the results and no longer need to use our services. Its up to you! 


Phase 3:

Credit Building & Score Enhancement

Phase 4:

We will guide you and work with you on how to obtain new credit and maintain your current credit rating while improving your credit score. We then will suggest secured & unsecured credit cards, revolving trade lines, and any other credit accounts that we feel you can qualify for.


We will then assist you in applying for secured credit cards and any revolving lines chosen to start adding positive accounts to your files. We can also help you add  (AU) Authorized user credit cards and lines to help increase your DTU (Debt to Utilization) and enhance your credit scores as well. We highly suggest you dont rank up to many inquiries and only open 2 credit cards, 2 lines of credit, 1 AU account and if you qualify at current time then 1 Mortgage & 1 Auto Loan (if applicable and necessary). You will not notice a score increase during process if you dont have any open current positive accounts on your credit file so its very important to open the above if possible.


During the process we will also advise you of different factors that can help you increase your credit score such as paying down current balances to 35% or less, avoid new inquiries if possible after new credit added, pay all current bills on time, make sure no new negatives are reported and do not make any payments on any accounts that are in collection/chargeoff status on your credit as this will lower your scores as well. This can be done in next phase. We then will go over your goals now that you have a better chance at getting approved and assisting you with all future purchases.

Debt Settlement & Additional Services

This process we will assist you with any remaining collections, charge offs, or judgments that have not been deleted during the process and have aoutstanding balance owed. We do this phase last because if you make payments durinf the process on these debts while they are reporting , this will cause scores to drop and accounts to be reaged.  If the statute of limitations have not expired on them or if you just want to make good on the debt owed this would be the next option during this phase.  We are not a licensed debt settlement company so we can not make arrangements on debts and make payments on  your behalf.  Credit Xperts can only help guide you on how to prepare settlement offers to companies to try and reduce the amount owed to make good on the debt. We have a network of attorneys who can assist you with arranging settlements on outstanding collections, deficiency balances - judgments, and tax liens and can save you money on the orginal debt. Clearing out any outstanding debts can help your credit rating and also give you better chances at approval during the mortgage process as collection balances will be required to be paid.

Phase 5:

Credit Program Graduation & Lender Referral Network

Final Phase is Graduation from the Credit Xperts Credit Repair Program. Now that your file is complete, and your score has drastically improved we now can help you achieve all your financial goals. Its important to keep paying your bills on time, maintainig all your new credit accounts, and dont apply for any credit you absolutely dont need or cant afford. This will keep you from going into debt and maintaining a positive credit file. We now can assist with getting you networked with the right people. This is done by recommending companies that can offer you credit products at the best rate possible. We deal with many banks, auto lenders & dealerships, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, loan officers and real estate brokers nationwide. When the time comes for you to finally move forward with the loan process, we can refer you to a honest and reliable business partner in the industry you need who can help you find the best product out there and of course save you money. At this point your scores should have increased significantly to the point where instead of being turned down, creditors will finally say YES! You will be able to obtain new credit, higher limits and finally save money which means LOWER INTEREST RATES! Congrats you did it..Now its up to you to keep your credit on track and your keep your scores in the LOW RISK category!






We received your request for a free consultation and will contact you within 24 hours.

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